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Female desire. It’s a Two Step Process

Painted heart

What happens when a wife observes her husband doing thoughtful things and feels him engaging with her emotionally? She becomes attracted to him. Because for most of us women, our emotional switch has to get flipped before the desire switch has a chance of getting tripped. That’s right: It’s a two-step process to get to the starting line. You could think of our emotional connection and sexual desire like one of those outdoor covered electrical switches—you know the ones with the metal door you have to pry back before you can turn the light on? We have to be touched emotionally by our husbands before our sexual desire has any hope of bubbling up to the surface. That’s just how we’re wired, most of us anyway. And the great thing is, the Beads are an easy, fun way to initiate this two-step process again and again.

With a little kick-start from the Beads, a very natural process takes shape. The husband and wife feel connected to each other—even before coming together intimately—which makes that Bead redemption (that’s right, the sexual encounter) easy, carefree and fun. Most of the time, anyway. Annnnd that’s why it works. Any questions?

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