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Forty Beads in SHAPE Magazine–South Africa!



Forty Beads: The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage


by Carolyn Evans (Running Press)

What’s it about:
It started as a dare, turned into a birthday gift for her husband, and saved their marriage. In a
nutshell: 40 days of straight sex. Or not quite consecutively straight – no matter how much Men Love Sex (chapter one), you have to allow for days off. Which is where the bead tokens come in.


Why we like it:
“The method uses sex as a vehicle to create wholeness in a relationship – sometimes you have to use the physical to get to the spiritual.”


Evans came up with the Forty Beads Method by accident, but the results were profound. It brought the physical spark back to her marriage – and the sense of intimacy and spontaneity that happens, she says, when both people are looking in the same direction. Her tone is fun and candid. Her methods are backed up by experts, from Kinsey to Freud to a growing coterie of “beaders” who’ve have used the method to get out of their own relationship ruts.




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3 Responses to Forty Beads in SHAPE Magazine–South Africa!

  1. leon de villiers says:

    Where can I buy the book?in south africa?

    • Carolyn Evans says:

      Forty Beads is available for purchase in an ebook form in S. Africa. Thanks for asking! Hopefully in paperback soon! 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    I know the sensuality woman only stores, ‘The Bedroom’ stock them. That’s where I got mine! There is one in Umhlanga, Hillcrest (both in Durban) and in Centurian (Pretoria). I have a feeling that more and more stores will start stocking this book!

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