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Forty Beads on The TODAY Show!

I had the BEST time on the TODAY Show. Natalie Morales is obviously GOR-GEOUS, but she’s also very warm and real–love her! I was joined by renowned sex therapist Ian Kerner who had lots of nice things to say about the Beads and WHY the Method just makes sense. Ian wrote She Comes First and I think we can all appreciate that! I have to say, though, it was my Beaders who made the segment by sharing about how much they’re enjoying using The Forty Beads Method–you guys rock–thanks for telling your Beadtime stories! Huge thanks and big Bead love to ALL who helped put this together! ::Carolyn

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10 Responses to Forty Beads on The TODAY Show!

  1. DWG-GA says:

    I received my first forty beads for Fathers Day last year, without question the greatest gift I ever received, even better than the puppy! But not just because of the sex we are having but because it gave me back my wife and opened up our communication. Fathers Day is coming, this is one gift I wouldn’t mind getting every year, unlike those ties I used to get.

    Thanks Carolyn,


  2. Kim says:

    I’m still searching for the papers to sign of the the internet..

  3. Kim says:

    Thanks, but I did find it and I Beaded him his gift yesterday. It took him 6 hours to put that first bead in but he bit, hook, line and sinker. He wants to add some rules maybe giving him a muligin (one for every 5th bead) just incase of a bad performance. He is starting to stragize how to use the remaining 39 beads. He is concerned what happens when they are all gone. haha He thinks I should then present them to him. ? and he gets 40 nuggets. Thanks, we love it!

    • Carolyn Evans says:

      Kim! A mulligan!! I just howled sitting here at my desk! Your husband is hilarious. Love that he’s strategizing over his 39 Beads! You know, Beading couples DO make up their own rules, so feel free to add what feels right to you. I’m thrilled y’all are having fun with the Method–that’s what it’s ALL about! Yay, you! ::C

      • Kim says:

        Another idea from my brilliant beader…….I was out of town for the day shopping and he beaded me. He didn’t want to wait until I got home to start his 24 hours so he took a picture of my bead catcher and sent it to my phone!

        • Carolyn Evans says:

          I love it! A newly dropped Bead holds tons of positive energy and sexual anticipation. Your brilliant Beading partner clearly knows this! Thanks for sharing, Kim! Yrs, ::Carolyn

  4. Bill says:

    Well, as an older guy trying to put a little spark back in our love life, I READ your book to my wife over about a week. (She’s not a big reader of books.) Not sure she’s buying all of it.

    There’s a lot more I could tell, but it seems weird that I’m the one buying beads and a glass dish for HER. Made two copies of the Covenant and gave it all to her. It’s disappeared into the dark recesses of some drawer, hopefully to re-emerge for a birthday or Father’s Day present.

    It would have felt better to me if SHE had been the one to discover / propose it, rather than the other way around (IF that were to occur.) Here’s to all the wives who see the book, decide to take the iniative & try it!

    • Carolyn Evans says:

      Hi Bill!

      How great that you took the time and reached out to your wife in this way, reading the book to her. I mean, what you’re saying is: I desire you. I want to connect with you. I hope she’ll see that and decide to try the Method. I also love your patient attitude about getting the Beads. That should serve you well. Oh man, I hope you get Beads!!! I’m crossing all my digits that Father’s Day is YOUR day, Bill! Yrs, ::Carolyn

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