Have you gotten stuck going through the motions? Are you and your husband more like roommates instead of the fun couple you used to be? What if there was an easy, fun way to makeover your marriage that didn't involve tons of cash or couples therapy? It's time you heard about forty little Beads...
The Forty Beads Method is a fun, totally innovative approach to sex in a marriage that creates lasting, positive results. The Method dissolves the negative tension that builds around sex in a marriage and replaces it with the sex life you always thought you should have, which in turn creates the relationship you've always wanted. Everything you need to know to begin using The Forty Beads Method—from its women-tested rules to every important subtlety—is in the book Forty Beads: The Simple Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage.

Not sure if The Forty Beads Method is for you? Download the New Beader's Checklist here.

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"The Beads have changed my life. Carolyn Evans has taken a problem that no one wanted to look at (the fact that most married couples don't have enough sex), turned it on its head, examined it from a different angle and come up with the perfect solution —The Forty Beads Method."
- David
"The Forty Beads Method is the work out routine and Carolyn Evans is the trainer keeping you focused on what keeps a marriage good. I can't wait for the book!"
- Angela
"Using The Forty Beads Method takes the guess work out of our sex life. I realize now that before we started using The Method, I spent way too much time wondering and making false assumptions about our sex life as it relates to our relationship."
- Elizabeth

"Using The Forty Beads Method has taken the weight out of our sex life and that has changed everything about our relationship."
- Kathy

"I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to try this [The Forty Beads Method]. It's been really life-changing for us and so much fun!"
- Jennifer

"The Forty Beads Method has brought my desire for intimacy back into the picture. 'Too tired for sex' just doesn't happen like it used to."
- Christine

"We used to fight about sex all the time. [Since we started using The Method] we never fight about sex anymore. Think that makes a marriage better? You bet it does."
- Patty

"We've been married almost 17 years. I wouldn't say that the Forty Beads Method has taken us back to when we were newlyweds—our marriage wasn't this good back then!"
- Lynn

"Carolyn Evans' Forty Beads Method is brilliant. It might just change the world—one happy husband at a time."
- Tim
"Hooray for The Forty Beads Method! Finally, my wife and I are looking at intimacy through a vaguely similar lens!"
- Ben

"My husband has a little ADD and The Forty Beads Method helps keep him focused. Not that he needs to be more focused on wanting sex—it focuses his approach to me—if that makes any sense. Bottom line: we're coming together like never before."
- Anna

"I love how it [The Forty Beads Method] has opened up the dialogue about sex in our marriage. We haven't been married very long so it's been good to talk, from the start, about something we might have avoided discussing for years."
- Louise

"From the moment a friend told me about The Forty Beads Method, my feelings about being intimate with my husband started to shift. Nothing has ever created that kind of positive change in me around sex. It's a change I've always wanted and one we've always needed."
- Lisa

"We've been using The Forty Beads Method as we're reading The Love Dare together. It's been a great way to deepen and enhance our relationship."
- Lucy
* Just so you know, all names have been changed.

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