The Forty Beads Gift is a more refined version of what I've given my new Beaders since I began sharing The Forty Beads Method. This Forty Beads Gift has everything you'll need to begin using The Forty Beads Method,* neatly packaged in a handsome gift box ready to be given for his birthday, your anniversary, Father's Day or any time you're ready to begin your Beading adventure.

Available NOW from Amazon.

The Forty Beads Gift Contains:
  • One white bone china Beadcatcher bowl
  • One leather tie pouch containing 40 crimson red ceramic beads
  • Three Nudge Cards (for optional use)
  • One note that reads, "Our adventure begins the moment you drop the first Bead" with space for the giver to personalize for recipient
All housed in a vibrantly colored, hinged keepsake box.
$39.95 + free shipping.
* The Forty Beads Gift does not contain information on how to use The Forty Beads Method—that's all in the book.

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