Once I realized the profound impact that the Beads were having on my marriage, I wanted to tell all my friends about it. So I did. I got a handful of my friends using The Forty Beads Method and pretty soon I had women I didn't know calling and emailing me to get the scoop. I met with women individually at every Starbucks and tiny coffee shop around—leaning in close to give them the skinny on how to use The Forty Beads Method.
Carolyn Evans invites you to exhale and realize that your marital struggles probably aren't that exceptional. Everybody has them and it's what you do [like use The Forty Beads Method] to overcome the struggles that makes the difference between a marriage that just survives and one that's really fun. -Emily*

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What women are saying about their Forty Beads Clubs

"I got my favorite women together and asked Carolyn to come and get us started using The Forty Beads Method. She is hilarious and at the same time goes right to the heart of the matter—what a relationship can feel like after years of marriage and how to use The Method to get the kind of marriage you want. We're having a blast (and so are our husbands!)." - Cherie

"I love my Bead Club. It's like book club, only we show up knowing we're going to get to talk about what's really going on—in our marriages and in our lives." - Lucinda

"Bead Club? What's better than women supporting women in making their marriages more fun?" - Celia

"I had to make a choice between bunco and joining a Forty Beads Club—for me, Bead Club is way more fun. My husband makes it really easy for me to get there. 'You've got your Bead Club tonight? I'll take care of dinner and the kids.' He practically shoves me out the door. Carolyn says love is about the choices we make—I definitely think I made the right one!"- Francis

* Just so you know, all names have been changed.

When the Stardust Disperses
The beginning of a relationship is magical. You bump along together,…

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