“The Beads have changed my life. Carolyn Evans has taken a problem that no one wanted to look at (the fact that most married couples don't have enough sex), turned it on its head, examined it from a different angle and has come up with the perfect solution.”

- David 

With her hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is, girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, author Carolyn Evans offers a fresh, honest look at sex inside the modern marriage and fills her readers in on how to use The Forty Beads Method, a method she developed quite by accident that creates lasting, positive change in a marriage.

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“Using The Forty Beads Method has taken the weight out of our sex life and that has changed everything about our relationship.” 
- Kathy 

“Using The Forty Beads Method takes the guess work out of our sex life. I realize now that before using The Method, I spent way too much time wondering and making false assumptions about our sex life as it relates to our relationship.”
- Elizabeth

“Forty Beads has brought my desire for intimacy back into the picture. 'Too tired for sex' just doesn't happen like it used to.”
- Christine 

“Hooray for The Forty Beads Method! Finally, my wife and I are looking at intimacy through a vaguely similar lens!”

 - Ben 

the simple sexy secret
for transforming your marriage
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Watch Forty Beads on the TODAY SHOW

"I had the BEST time on the TODAY Show. I was joined by renowned sex therapist Ian Kerner who had lots of nice things to say about the Beads and WHY the Method just makes sense.  I have to say, though, it was my Beaders who made the segment by sharing about how much they’re enjoying using The Forty Beads Method–you guys rock–thanks for telling your Beadtime stories! "