The Forty Beads Kit is a more refined version of what I've given my new Beaders since I began sharing The Forty Beads Method. The Forty Beads Kit has everything you'll need to begin using The Forty Beads Method,* neatly packaged in a handsome gift box ready to be given for a birthday, your anniversary, Father's Day or any time you're ready to begin your Beading adventure.

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T he Forty Beads Kit Contains:

  • One white bone china Beadcatcher bowl

  • One leather tie pouch containing 40 crimson red ceramic beads

  • Three Nudge Cards (for optional use)

  • One note that reads, "Our adventure begins the moment you drop the first Bead" with space for the giver to personalize for recipient


All housed in a vibrantly colored, hinged keepsake box. 

 * The Forty Beads Gift does not contain information on how to use The Forty Beads Method— see below for a "Quick Start" guide.

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Nudge Card use is optional. The spouse with the lower libido can drop a Nudge Card onto the dresser or whatever table of the higher libido spouse to indicate desire for a Bead.

After redemption, the Bead is removed from the Beadcatcher and stored for possible recycling. Go Green Bead Policy!

Lower libido spouse puts the Beadcatcher in his or her bedroom space (bedside table, shelf in the closet etc). This will become your little Bead Alter ;)

Choose the right way to begin. The spouse with the lower libido can give the Beads as a gift to the spouse with the higher libido OR a couple can decide to give the Beads a whirl by mutual agreement.

QUICK START GUIDE for those of you who just can’t wait to get started.

It is highly recommended that you read the Forty Beads book for a full understanding of The Bead Method before you begin your Beading practice.

Higher libido spouse holds onto the Beads and drops them one at a time into the Beadcatcher, understanding that the Bead will be redeemed (something sexy will happen) within 24 hours.